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These are my arms

This is the time of year sweaters go on sale. My goal is to “harvest” natural fibers to recycle at $1/sweater at the most. I really want to work on some shibori techniques: tying/puckering/manipulating the wool so that it resists shrinking in parts. Here’s a before picture of a failed shibori attempt:


Tyrone has asked me to make some sort of arm-covers for his slowly disintegrating computer chair. Last night, I finally followed through. I took the arms off of the failed shibori sweater and eyeballed a pattern for the arms of the chair. Here is a top view:


The openings of the arms were hemmed together with a blanket stitch. There was a hole in one of the arms, so I used an eyelet hole stitch in orange to liven it up. Here is a writer-view:

A writer and his tools

Here is a side view:


Click on any of the thumbnails for a larger image.

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