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2010 garden planning

My garden looks pretty miserable right now. I’ve been slowly pulling out all of the dried tomato vines. Last night it rained pretty hard, and softened up the soil and vines. I’ve got all but 3 plants/cages pulled out.

I had to go to the store this morning to get a drain zipper, which I LOVE. It pulls out clogs in the drain up to 18 inches down the pipe. While at the store, I took a detour to the freshly stocked garden area. It turns out WalMart has their entire seed selection out. After consulting with the back of some of the packets, I found that some of plants need to be planted in January in my region! What a good excuse to get some $1 seed packets. This morning I planted some radishes, yellow sweet onions, mustard greens, and some cool weather lettuce. I also finally planted some garlic. My southern gardening expert (and one of Ty’s bosses) said I should have planted it the second week of December when we met at the Hendrix Christmas Party. We’ve still got some 20 F nights ahead of us next week, so it will either be good for the garlic or the other things I’ve planted. The winter onions are sending up shoots.

The kale from last season is battered, but it is still growing without me paying any attention to it. We haven’t been at a loss for water around here, and there is already a carpet of green weeds at one end of the garden, and I’m know I’m early, but I’ve got my eye out for asparagus shoots.

On the way home from work last Monday, I could see little green shoots coming out of the rice fields. So today I got the itch to plant in the soil. After completing that task, I expanded some jiffy pellets and planted some long-term crops: onions, leeks, bell and jalapeno peppers, grape, cherry, and roma tomatoes, spinach, cabbage, kale and cilantro.

I thought I was going to put in a seed order from seed savers this year, but so many of the varieties they offered were out of stock. I’m hoping to go to a local seed exchange in March when more of the outdoor planting begins.

I’m excited about gardening this year because my neighbor Sam will be starting her garden too. We’re both farm girls. Her father, a tulip farmer from the Netherlands, will be here in March to help plant. I hope he has as much fun as my farmer father had helping me plant.

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