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blogging patterns, spool hooks, and a carrot

If you’re going to keep a blog, you really need to keep up with it. I make a mental list of things to blog about, take pictures at that event, and remind myself to blog about the event. After time the event stagnates in my head, but the first thing in my mental queue has to be kicked out before I can even think about writing the next one.

Now is the time for a reboot! I’m just going to clear out the queue and start from what happened yesterday.

Since I’m a knitter, I have a number of cold weather scarves. Scarves are easily lost during the season to the bottom of the coat rack. The solution is to create an individual hook.

I buy a lot of 3M Command hooks. You can apply the adhesive strips to almost any surface, and they hold up to 3 lbs. The smaller strips hold less. Each package comes with a few extra adhesive strips, so I thought it would be fun to use them up.

It occurred to me that a spool would make a good hook because the white plastic spool seems to be made out of the same material as the hooks. I would never put a heavy jacket on the spool because it just isn’t engineered to distribute the weight correctly.

spoolhookcarrot 007

spoolhookcarrot 004

spoolhookcarrot 005

In other news, it has warmed a little outside. Despite the warm weather, there are no asparagus shoots coming up yet. I did find a volunteer spinach plant yesterday! The kale still looks great, but the carrots are looking questionable, so I pulled one out. It’s edible!

spoolhookcarrot 001

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