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Peace Cuff peacecuffs

By Julee Dunekacke Jaeger

I’m about to participate in my first Peace Rally to commemorate the 4th year of the Gulf War II.   The title of the rally is: LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE NOW!  BRING THE TROOPS HOME.  In that theme, I wanted to create something supporting peace and at the same time all of those who were sent over making the sacrifices.  Here in the middle of the US, the yellow ribbon is usually only found as a car magnet.  This pattern attempts to take back the yellow ribbon to its fiber heritage.


M [L ] (shown in size M)

Width: 6.5 [7.5]inches
Length: 3.5 [3.5] inches


[MC] Red Heart Acrylic, color: Yellow;
[CC] Red Heart Acrylic, color: Black;
Variation: Camo/Yellow looks nice.  Really, what else are you going to do with all of that leftover acrylic you bought when you first learned how to knit?
1 length-inch US #7/4.5mm circular needle
1 US G/4.0mm crochet hook


4.5 sts/4.5 rows in stockinette stitch


peace chart


Main Color (MC) CO 25 [30] St.
Row 1: Start *K3 P1* Rib across 6[7] times, k1[2].
Row 2: p1[2], *K1 P3* across 6[7] times.
Row 3: Repeat Row 1
Row 4: Purl 6[9], start first row of chart (purl the white blocks with MC, brown with CC), purl 7[9]
Row 5: Knit 7[9], second row of chart (knit the white blocks with MC, brown with CC), knit 6[9]
Rows 6-14: Repeat lines 4-5, following chart
Rows 15-17: Repeat Rows 1-3
BO 25 [30]St.

Seam together the ends with crochet hook.