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2007 Knits (and some crochet and some crewling and some recycling)

Seed Starter, Julee Dunekacke Jaeger, Instructable

Perfect Periwinkle Turtleneck, _Fitted_Knits_, Stefanie Japel, Ella Rae Classic 100% Wool, color: slate blue. [Progress Pic 1][Progress Pic 2]

The Blankie, _Craftivity_, Callie Janoff, crochet in sentimential acrylic stash: light blue, white, royal blue, variegated blues. [Progress Pic 1] [Progress Pic 2] [Pic 3] [Pic 4] [Pic 5]

Secret Gift 2007 #3, Pillow for Gina & AJ, Recycled felted sweater 60% Angora 40% wool, Blue Agave crewel pattern, _The_New_Crewel_, Katherine Shaughnessy. [Progress Pic 1] [Progress Pic 2] [Pic 3][Pic 4]

Secret Gift 2007 #2, Recycled felted sweater 40% silk 60% wool, Peace Trees crewel pattern, _The_New_Crewel_, Katherine Shaughnessy. [Pic 1][Pic 2]

Secret Gift 2007 #1, Gift for Shannon and Breast Cancer Awarness.

Birthday Wishes, _The_New_Crewel_, Katherine Shaughnessy, wool on linen [Pic 1]

Knitted Peace Cuffs, Julee Dunekacke Jager, Red Heart Yarn [Pic 1] [Pic 2][Space Invader Variation]

Bag'oBags, _Craftivity_, Diane Bromberg,"yarn" from plastic bags, colors:white/red/yellow/gray/blue [Pic 1]
Notes: Used size P and 1 inch strips lark's headed together. Bag turned out much biger!

Bias Fair Isle, _Loop-d-Loop_, Teva Durham, Lett-Lopi, color: blue,red, violet, black, brown, and white [Pic 1] [Pic 2]

Airy Wrap-Around, _Fitted_Knits_, Stefanie Japel, Tahki Mohair (20% poly) + mystery mohair, color: turquoise [Pic 1]